April 2009 - Functional Programming Workshop by Venkat Subramaniam

CodeChef and ASCI will be organizing a Functional Programming Workshop in Bangalore by Venkat Subramaniam.


Time: 6:00 - 9:00 PM
Date: 23rd April 2009
Venue: Royal Orchid Central # 47, Dickenson Road, Manipal Centre, Bangalore-42


Good hands-on exposure to Programming in at least one paradigm. Since this is a workshop, please bring your laptops fully charged ready to go.

About the speaker

Dr. Venkat Subramaniam, founder of Agile Developer, Inc., has trained and mentored thousands of software developers in the US, Canada, Europe, and Asia. Venkat helps his clients effectively apply and succeed with agile practices on their software projects, and speaks frequently at international conferences and user groups. He is author of ".NET Gotchas" (O'Reilly), coauthor of 2007 Jolt Productivity Award winning "Practices of an Agile Developer" (Pragmatic Bookshelf), and author of "Programming Groovy: Dynamic Productivity for the Java Developer" (Pragmatic Bookshelf).
Venkat is an agile developer who teaches and mentors. He has significant experience in architecture, design and development of distributed object systems. He has worked in positions, from Programmer Analyst to Systems Architect, at organizations like Halliburton, Raytheon, and Simulation Sciences. Venkat has trained more than 2500 software professionals around the world. He is also an adjunct professor at the University of Houston and teaches the Professional Software Developer Series at the Technology Education Center - Rice University. He is also a regular speaker at various conferences and user groups.

Venkat is the coauthor of the book Practices of an Agile Developer: Working in the Real World

Hosted By

CodeChef is India's first, non-commercial, multi-platform programming competition, featuring monthly contests in more than 35 different programming languages. Revive the geek in you.

Download the Presentation

Click here to download the presentation.


As usual this is a free event. Go ahead and sign up by adding your name below.

Participant List

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Name Company
Abinash T   EMS 
akhila pant   Honeywell 
Amrit Sanjeev   IBM 
Anand M R   Celstream Technologies 
Anirudh Chandrakant   SAP Labs 
Anurag   DELL 
Aravinda Rajagopal   Sonata Software Ltd. 
Arif Amirani   Directi 
Ashish Bhalgat   Hewlett-Packard 
Avinash Sing Gaur  ReInvent Software Solutions 
Chandra Sekhar   eFlair Management Systems 
Chandrasekhar Pothanna  Thought Focus Pvt Ltd 
chethana chavan    
Deepak Pathak   Oracle 
Dharmesh Sejpal   Directi 
Gayathri Manian   Oracle 
Govindaraja Gupta Suryanarayanasetty Arak   IDS Software Solutions 
harish   PS 
Himanshu Gupta    
Jairajan.K.P   Misys 
K.Venugopal Choudary   IDS 
Naganjaneyulu GV   Collabera 
Naveenkumar Thoriappa  Bosch India 
Niranjan Chandraiah  Thought Focus Pvt Ltd  
Nishant Nakate  ReInvent Software Solutions 
Palani B Nama   Societe Generale 
Pavitra Jain   Sonata Software 
Pradyumn Sharma   Pragati Software Pvt Ltd 
Prasad Mysore   Sonata Software Ltd 
Rahul Raj  SAP 
Rajeswari   Dell 
Samad Irfan   Tavant 
sandeep kumar   Tavant 
Sandeep Vats   HP 
Sankhadeep Bhattacharya   IBM India 
Sateesh V Deshpande   Trigent Software Ltd 
Sheela Naveen   IDS Software Solutions 
Shiuli Deb   TCS 
Shrinath Inamdar   Aditi Technologies 
Sreeja Unnikrishnan   SAP 
Srini Attaluri   Adobe Systems Inc. 
Srinivasa Vallabha   Oracle 
Subhash Balagatte   Delphi 
sumit jaiswal   cisco 
Sundar Arumugham   Oracle 
sunderesh udayashankar   Alcatel-Lucent 
swaroop bhandary  Directi 
Tarun Gugnani   SAP 
Tushar   Misys 
Venkatesh Krishnamurthy    
VenuGopal Beesu   IDS Software Solutions 
Vijaya Krishna   CTS 
Vikram S   Directi 
Vinay Krishna   Cegedim 
Vinoth N   Tavant 
Viswanath  Misys 


  1. Apr 24, 2009

    Himanshu Gupta says:

    Thanks, it was organized very well.

    Thanks, it was organized very well.



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