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At Directi, my colleagues and I have been devoting significant personal time and energy towards enhancing the quality of education within India. We firmly believe that progress is most likely to be achieved when private companies work hand-in-hand with educational institutes. It is in this spirit that we have undertaken a number of social and community based initiatives. Our goal is to encourage students to bring their technical and business ideas into the real world so that they can help shape the companies of tomorrow. This page highlights our most important educational achievements.

Feel free to drop in a line and share your feedback or know how your institute can benefit from these initiatives. Email us at

Bhavin Turakhia
CEO, Directi

Free Web Presence and Collaboration Suite for Educational Institutes

Directi's suite of web products provides real-time collaboration tools for businesses and teams. Directi offers this complete suite of products free for life to educational institutions.

The product suite enables students, faculty and alumni to connect in a seamless manner and form an online campus community. Below are a few key points of the offering:

  • Email for Life - Faculty, Staff, Students & Alumni, such as or
  • Anti Spam and Anti Virus for Email
  • Instant Messenger / Chat for students
  • Hosting of Institute websites
  • Dedicated Support Personnel

To find out more about how .pw can help your school or university contact us via mail at

Directi Go for Gold Project

The Go for Gold Project aims to turn the best programmers in India into the best programmers in the world.

The project's ultimate goal is to propel an Indian team to victory at the most competitive programming contest in the world, The ACM-ICPC. To date, the highest any Indian team has ever finished is 29th. Because we realize that we have a long way to go, we're providing extensive support for young programmers, universities and programming associations, including:

  • The Go for Gold Cup & Cash Prize, awarded to any Indian team that finishes higher at the ACM-ICPC than any team has before.
  • Coaching and support for young programmers. Soon we'll offer intensive training camps for selected programmers.
  • Sponsorships for regional Indian programming contests. Directi plans to sponsor 4 - 6 programming contests in 2010, and progressively more in future years.
  • Team sponsorships, including airfare, per diems, uniforms, and more

To learn more about the Go for Gold Project, go to

Directi, in the recent past sponsored the Indian ACM ICPC 2010 world finalists

Sponsoring the ACM ICPC world finalists is step towards assisting our champions in putting India on the map within the coding circuit. We at Directi have personally interacted with all the members in these teams - all brilliant individuals - and we are proud to have sponsored them for the ACM ICPC world finals.

Directi Sponsors ACM-ICPC finalists 2010

CodeChef - India's Largest Programming Competition

CodeChef is a global programming competition, started in 2009 by Directi as a noncommercial educational initiative. CodeChef was conceived as a platform for initiating and developing the budding programming talent in India by creating a global community for them to meet, discuss and compete with the best in the world. With participation from over 55,000 Indian students and professionals, CodeChef is Indias largest programming competition. Since its inception CodeChef has meticulously tried to recognize and reward deserving programmers by way of giving away tens of thousands in prizes to improve their software engineering skills. Apart from facilitating programming geeks to meet and socialize, CodeChef also works directly with engineering institutes to host technical talks and local programming contests. Our goal is to create a community of software developers that truly fosters learning and growth.

Directi Case Study Competition

In December of 2009 Directi hosted its first ever Business Case Study Challenge. With over 1400 participants from the top B-Schools in India, the competition attracted some of the countries brightest minds. The case study asked students to develop marketing and monetization strategies for internet businesses, giving them critical exposure to an emerging industry.

Directi teaches courses on Online Marketing in B-Schools

Directi has created a course on Online advertising and Social Media Marketing which is currently delivered at SP Jain, NMIMS and ISB. The course sheds light on how online advertising and Social media is collaborative, where consumers help shape brands as opposed to traditional marketing which used to be one way communication. Similarly by empowering students through these tools, they can help shape the direction of the class. It's no longer one way (teacher to student), but the students take ownership in driving the direction of the course. You can view all the course videos here:

Intro to Paid Online Marketing - Directi from Amit Klein on Vimeo.

Directi holds technical workshops in engineering institutes across the country

Tech-inclined Directians have been volunteering significant personal time and energy towards constantly enhancing the programming talent across the country through several social and community initiatives. Over the last few years we have delivered sessions at multiple colleges, festivals, conferences and community gatherings. You will find more presentations in our Dev University

CodeChef Talk at MPSTME, NMIMS (Mumbai) from Directi on Vimeo.

Snippet of Vineet Gupta's Session on Building Highly Scalable and Available Web Applications from Directi on Vimeo.

Kamala Yazhini gives a session on Dynamic Programming at the CodeChef MeetUp in Delhi on 31/10/2009 from Directi on Vimeo.

Directi Open Dev University

Directi's Open Developer University provides a free structured curriculum on the basics of modern software development. All new developers to Directi go through the Open Dev University upon joining the company.

While we created the course for our new developers, we believe that anyone interested in building websites and web products can gain quite a bit from the Open Dev Course. We're consistently revising the curriculum for the Open Dev University and open to suggestions or questions you may have:




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