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  • NoSql DatabasesEmil Eifrem, the CEO, founder and developer of neo4j in Mumbai at Directi giving a talk on neo4j and NoSQL. Lots of QnA is included in the video - we could have done it better by leaving QnA for the end
  • CodeCamp, IIT Techfest '09Listed here are the PPTs for the presentations delivered by Directi at IIT's Mumbai's Techfest on Sunday, 25th January, 2009.
  • How to Run an Open Source ProjectI aimed to give information for anyone to start their own projects. Current Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) project leaders can pick up some tips from my experience with Pandion.
  • Async IO and MultithreadingThis is a presentation I delivered at the BarCamp Mumbai. It explains multi threading, blocking IO, NIO and Async IO.
  • Building a Scalable Architecture for Web Apps - Part IThis is a presentation I delivered at the Great Indian Developer Summit 2008. It covers a wide-array of topics and a plethora of lessons we have learnt (some the hard way) over the last 9 years in building web apps that are used by millions of users serving billions of page views every month. Topics and Techniques include Vertical scaling, Horizontal Scaling, Vertical Partitioning, Horizontal Partitioning, Loose Coupling, Caching, Clustering, Reverse Proxying and more.
  • Our Journey Down the Yellow Brick Road (Agile Adoption at Directi)A presentation on agile development practices that we have adopted at Directi, our lessons, experiences and observations - as delivered at Web Innovation 2008 by Bhavin Turakhia and Naresh Jain.
  • Demystifying Storage - Building Large SANsThis is a fairly detailed presentation I made at BarCamp Mumbai on building large storage networks and different SAN topologies. It covers fundamentals of selecting harddrives, RAID levels and performance of various storage architectures. This is Part I of a 3-part series.
  • Automated Testing vs Manual TestingThis is a 24 slide internal presentation covering virtues of Automated Testing vs Manual Testing. Inkeeping with our agile adoption this presentation covers various advantages (11 to be specific) obtained in using TDD and Automated Testing as opposed to Manual Testing

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A nice introduction to infiniband
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RIA AppPuncherâ„¢ is a software testing and debugging product. AppPuncher was designed from the ground up to faciliate testing of the Rich Internet Applications. AppPuncher supports Flash, Flex, Silverlight, AJAX clients as well as traditional browser-based applications. From the client/server protocol perspective, the product enables testing of the client/server applications using any of the following protocols: HTTP, SOAP, REST/XML, AMF and RTMP. AppPuncher runs on Windows, MAC OS X and *nix platforms.
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Post on limitations of AIR's ability to make native calls and some workarounds
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