Automated Testing vs Manual Testing

This is a 24 slide internal presentation covering virtues of Automated Testing vs Manual Testing. Inkeeping with our agile adoption this presentation covers various advantages (11 to be specific) obtained in using TDD and Automated Testing as opposed to Manual Testing

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Microsoft Powerpoint Automated Testing vs Manual Testing.ppt 628 kb Bhavin Turakhia Apr 30, 2008 Apr 30, 2008  


  1. Aug 20, 2008

    Anonymous says:

    Hi Bhavin,\\ My name is Gurpreet Singh and I am working as a QALead in slideshar...

    Hi Bhavin,

    My name is Gurpreet Singh and I am working as a QA-Lead in slideshare. I saw you presentation that you have added within My group ... Thanks a lot for your effort ...

    Please let me know do u have any openings in your company for me as a QA Lead ......

     I would love to join your company  ...

     Wait for your response ...


    Gurpreet Singh


    +91 9891427924



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