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Find a job you like and you add five days to every week.

-H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

Directi's unique culture and strategy are the reason why we are amongst the top 10 fastest growing companies in India. Here are some salient aspects of our culture.

At Directi, we are building products that make a difference

we are building products that make a difference

We are innovating technology for customers worldwide. We have a wonderful team of people who are passionate about their daily jobs, because they can see that their contribution makes a difference in the world. Most of the software companies in India work on a pure service model, bulding software projects for a single customer / vertical, leveraging the cost advantage within the country. At Directi, we build mass-market web products and services, that are used by hundreds and thousands of users worldwide. We, together, make a visible impact in the world. It is a feeling that every Directian brings into work, every single day.

The only bad decision at Directi is no decision

Hierarchy at Directi is purely structural in nature. Every Directian has the authority to make independent decisions with respect to their work. Our job is merely to make available and accessible, the right training and knowledge, the best tools and resources, and the information that an individual needs to make better decisions.

We hire the best, provide them with the resources and authority, and then step out of the way. We make mistakes, just like anyone else. But we also make more decisions, better decisions and faster decisions than most other companies. Authority is decentralized at Directi.

Several Directians are in their 20's. Many of them are Managers and Leads. Most of our competitors, globally, employ older staff in managerial positions. Despite the gap in experience, Directians frequently take ownership of and successfully execute responsibilities that are conventionally assigned to managers twice their age. Directians, across departments, manage - recruitment, training, presentations, budgeting, team management, leadership and other responsibilities, many a times within a year of joining Directi, fresh out of college.

Directians love their work

Directians love their work

We have always believed that one should make their career in something one would gladly do for free. Directians love their work and are passionate about it. A part of this is due to the kind of work we do. Directi does not write software for other companies. We write our own software. We create our own specifications. We generate our own ideas and we live our own dreams. Everyone at Directi shares a common vision - of building great Web Products and Services,for a global audience, that enable consumers worldwide, to leverage the Internet.

Learning never stops at Directi

Learning and sharing knowledge is a fundamental credo at Directi. So much, so that we have created a separate virtual institute within Directi called the Directi University. The Directi University offers several Training Courses, structured Induction Programs, Continuing Education Programs and Education Sponsorships. A significant portion of our time and energy is spent on creating internal training courses and providing the best training programs to every Directian. Directians frequently conduct lectures for other
Directians. We continuously add training material and resources to the various training courses offered by the Directi University. We are constantly looking at newer technologies, newer ideas, better tools and software, newer processes and ways to improve what we do. Learning is an ongoing process at Directi.

Challenges are a continuous part of our daily schedule

Working at Directi involves constantly being challenged

Working at Directi involves constantly being challenged. Whether it is figuring out solutions for complex problems, working on creative marketing ideas to promote our products to a global audience, figuring out intelligent ways to improve efficiency and productivity, building innovative products and patent pending technology - Directians face diverse challenges every day.

Entrepreneurship at Directi

We look upon our team as collective owners of our vision as opposed to cogs in a corporate framework. At Directi, we are a business of business people and not a business of employees. Each individual is provided with information, included in decision making and encouraged to contribute to the vision.


  • Life & Medical Insurance coverage
  • Education Sponsorships
  • Attractive loan policies
  • Free Domain and hosting for Life
  • Snacks and beverages on the house
  • Concierge Services


Fun Facts about Directi
  • 98% of Directians love Star Wars
  • 100 players in the Directi Cricket League
  • 48% of Directians wear sneakers to work
  • 52% percent wear sandals
  • 6.5 ping pong games per employee, per month.
Company Facts
  • Founded in 1998
  • 600 employees globally
  • 8 offices on 3 continents
  • Powers 4.2 million domains in 240 countries

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