Why Directi

Work with smart people

The best part about working at Directi are the people. Everyone is super-smart and super-intelligent. I learn something new everyday, from everyone.

Be part of Projects that have global impact

I love the challenges we face at Directi. Most of our applications cater to millions of users. One of our products delivers 20+ billion ad impressions per year. All applications are deployed on multi-homed clustered geo-distributed scalable environments. We get to work with caching, Horizontal partitioning, Clustering, Distributed Computing etc - technologies / concepts / tools that very few companies work with.

Open and Transparent Culture

Anyone in the organization at any level, any designation, any management band, in any team can freely approach anyone else at any level / team / designation to discuss anything. Our Management actually reprimands us if we bother knocking before entering their cabins.

Penchant for Productivity

At Directi we are super-obsessive about productivity. Every employee in every department has multiple LCD monitors. Our facilities team is always researching ergonomics as it applies to lighting, seating, workstations etc. Any tool, device, software that can help us work better, is for the asking.

All work and some play

My Friday nights are reserved for network gaming - and counter-strike is the flavor of the month. Additional activities include interest groups such as the trekking group, a movie club, a cricket league, a soccer league etc.

Flexible working hours

We are a creative organization with creative people, and IMHO creativity does not start and end with an alarm clock. The best software engineers I know have their high days and low days, and flexible working hours account for this quirk.

Zero politics

I have been with Directi for 5 years and seen us grow from 60 people in 1 office to 550+ across 4 offices today. Despite our exponential growth, we continue to retain our culture and values. I hear stories about office politics from my friends who work at other companies and I am proud to be able to say that - we don't have any of that at Directi.


An accessible, always-stocked snackbar, with goodies, fresh juices, and other treats takes care of my in-between meals munching needs.

Make a difference

I love the fact that my work here has an impact on tens of thousands of users worldwide. It feels great to be able to touch so many users in so many different ways.

Performance is the only thing that matters

I have witnessed that promotions have been independent of academics, qualifications, experience, age. The only thing that matters here is performance.

Continuous Learning

Directi gives considerable importance to constant learning. There are regular workshops, seminars, training sessions. We have an open budget for purchasing books. External Certifications, Courses and conferences are sponsored or subsidized. There are several avenues to keep educating myself.

Products Company

Having been on both sides of the fence, I can say for sure that the work culture in a products company vs a services company are universes apart! For one thing, in a products company, if you are working on a product, you "own" it. You are responsible for its success. Additionally, innovation and free-thinking are valued virtues in a products company as opposed to strict compliance to client requirements in a services company.

Clear Career Path

Our intranet contains documentation on everything under the sun. One of our Intranet applications internally known as 'Tapestry' outlines every designation, role, management band and career path in the company. I know my options for growth at Directi for the foreseeable future.


  • Life & Medical Insurance coverage
  • Education Sponsorships
  • Attractive loan policies
  • Free Domain and hosting for Life
  • Snacks and beverages on the house
  • Concierge Services


Fun Facts about Directi
  • 98% of Directians love Star Wars
  • 100 players in the Directi Cricket League
  • 48% of Directians wear sneakers to work
  • 52% percent wear sandals
  • 6.5 ping pong games per employee, per month.
Company Facts
  • Founded in 1998
  • 600 employees globally
  • 8 offices on 3 continents
  • Powers 4.2 million domains in 240 countries

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