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Location: Mumbai

What is the Company like?

Directi is a group of businesses comprising of successful businesses founded by Bhavin Turakhia which includes Radix, Ringo, Flock, and Zeta. These businesses comprise 1500+ people across 8+ offices, with over 9 million customers, revenues over $200 million, a net worth of over $1.4 billion and multiple category leading global brands across business areas as diverse as web presence (domains, hosting, cloud-infrastructure), online advertising (contextual advertising/ad networks), communication & collaboration (voice and messaging) and payments (benefits and compensation).

What is the Business Unit like?

Radix is a fully owned business unit within the The Directi Group, which is focussed on new domain extensions. Through several years of active bidding for domain registry licenses, Radix has won the global, exclusive rights to the following new top-level domain endings:

Domain Ending | Example Website

  • .online |
  • .site |
  • .space |
  • .store |
  • .tech |
  • .website |
  • .press |
  • .host |

While both demand and dependence on internet content and applications continue to grow, short and memorable domain names, or addresses, to access them, are in short supply. Most possible combination of words in legacy endings like .com and .net have been totally exhausted.

Radix is Asia's largest newgTLD applicant under ICANN's project to allow private companies to bid and operate new extensions, and we expect to play a large role in the global diversification of the internet namespace.

Our mission is to offer rich and memorable internet addresses that will host the next big idea, initiative, community, enterprise, killer app or viral sensation.

Radix operated new domains have garnered a tremendous response, having accumulated around 2.5 million domain registrations already, which is growing by around 2,000 registrations / day.

Quick Stats:

  • Founded - 2012
  • Total Strength - 40
  • Total Investment - US$ 45 Million
  • Operationally Profitable - YES
  • Annual Growth Rate - 40%+

What is the Job like?

As a Marketing Associate you will be an integral part of the global Marketing team at Radix. The team is responsible for creating relatable and engaging brand communication keeping the various target audiences and geo-cultural nuances in mind. May it be creating beautifully designed websites, conceptualizing multi channel advertising campaigns or running on ground activations across the world, you will learn from some of the smartest (sometimes craziest) minds in the industry and will be expected to push our bar of excellence even higher.

  • As part of your KRAs you will be expected to:
  • Create hard hitting advertising concepts that enthrall the Target Audience
  • Plan and roll out marketing campaigns to effectively reach the audience
  • Manage Email Marketing Campaigns
  • Work with management to ensure deadlines and meeting budgets
  • Study and market our products in the international market that we have our brand presence in.
  • Work with Designers and Web Developers to create compelling and engaging digital marketing assets
  • Have an opinion on Colours, Fonts, apple vs google and the latest eating joints across town

Who should apply for this role?

  • You think visually and can communicate your ideas with brevity
  • You are not satisfied with mediocrity
  • You should have 0-2 years of experience into Marketing.
  • You should possess strong marketing acumen
  • You should have strong written and communication skills
  • You should be good at managing multiple activities & projects
  • You should have an appetite to take risks and work under stringent deadlines & constraints
  • You should be go-getter and have a can-do attitude
  • You should be a people's person and use the gift of gab to get out of tricky situations

Benefits & Perks

Radix employees love their jobs, and not just because we offer the most competitive salaries in the industry. Our excellent benefits include everything from great medical and life insurance to catered meals. Our workspaces are comfortable and fun, complete with bean bag chairs, ping pong tables, and all the snacks you can eat. We have no dress code (tee-shirts are a-ok!). We have flexible work hours and flexible holidays, which means that teams pick their own work hours. Radix has its own concierge desk that doubles up as a travel agency.

We are passionate about building the next generation of web products, and we believe that happy employees are the key to achieving this goal. If you like the idea of working in an exciting workspace on cutting-edge internet products that make a truly global impact (and wearing flip-flops to work), then we want to get to know you!

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  • Life & Medical Insurance coverage
  • Education Sponsorships
  • Attractive loan policies
  • Free Domain and hosting for Life
  • Snacks and beverages on the house
  • Concierge Services


Fun Facts about Directi
  • 98% of Directians love Star Wars
  • 100 players in the Directi Cricket League
  • 48% of Directians wear sneakers to work
  • 52% percent wear sandals
  • 6.5 ping pong games per employee, per month.
Company Facts
  • Founded in 1998
  • 600 employees globally
  • 8 offices on 3 continents
  • Powers 4.2 million domains in 240 countries

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