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Directi encourages a diverse multi-cultural work environment. We currently have offices in India, UAE, China, Australia, and the United States. India is ranked as a leading software development hub worldwide. A fascinating country in its own right, the Indian IT industry was responsible for over USD 50 billion in exports in 2008. The IT/ITES sector in India employs over 2 million individuals and creates indirect jobs for close to 10 million individuals. In our quest of engaging the best talent worldwide, we are not limited to countries that we have offices in. As a part of opening our doors to individuals worldwide to join and experience Directi and India, we have created a compelling Expat Recruitment Program. This document outlines this program.


Our Expat Recruitment Program at Directi is currently open for all the positions listed below. To apply, click on the relevant link below -

Program Amenities and Benefits

We have created a list of benefits to ease relocation for expats that join Directi's India operations. Some of the salient benefits are -

  • Fully furnished company accommodation.
    • The apartment will have all the basic amenities and utilities you need.
    • Apartment maintenance, cleaning, and your personal laundry, will be taken care of by an agency appointed by Directi.
    • Electricity, water, gas charges will be taken care of by Directi.
  • Relocation assistance and reimbursals for you and your spouse / significant other.
  • Local commuting reimbursement in the form of taxi fare for the first 3 months.
  • Medical insurance.
  • A cellphone amd a monthly cellphone allowance.
  • A travel allowance for you and your spouse / significant other to explore India (visit the Taj Mahal and other interesting sights / cities).
  • Catered lunches and snacks.
  • Placement assistance for spouse / significant other.
  • Sponsored airfare for a trip back to your hometown for you and your spouse / significant other.
  • Expats recruited as a part of this program will qualify to participate in our selective equity compensation program subject to Management discretion.
  • Competitive compensation - Directi is known to be amongst the best paymasters in the country.

We are open to suggestions and modifications to this program to ensure that your stay in India is a smooth, pleasant and unforgettable experience.

Rough Savings Chart

This is a rough (work-in-progress) comparison chart that shows typical monthly savings as a result of the above benefits -

Expense Monthly US$ cost in New York
Apartment rent $3000 (Midtown)
Domestic Help $500
Cellphone $75
Cable TV $40
Monthly Total $3615

Rough Cost Comparison

The below chart shows a rough comparison of costs for a basket of commodities between India and the US

Item India (in US$) New York (in US$)
330ml can of Coke 0.40 1.25
A meal at a decent Restaurant 4 12
Movie Ticket 4 10.25
Big Mac at McDonalds 1.30 2.50
Levis Jeans 36 50
Levis T-shirt 12 20
Specialist in a good hospital 12 200

Rough monthly expenses chart

The below chart shows a rough comparison of what you can expect as your monthly expenditure as an expat residing in India, in comparison to your monthly expenses in NYC

Estimated Monthly Expenses India (in US$) New York (in US$)
Apartment, Maid, Cook, Cell Phone, Internet, TV, Health Insurance 0 (Paid for by Directi) 3500
Eating out / drinking 3 nights a week 240 600
Movies once a week 4 41
Groceries (monthly) 150 300
Clothing & Shopping 200 300
Weekend trip (Flight + accommodations) 250 600
TOTAL 844 5341

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Contact Us

Incase of any doubts or clarifications feel free to write in to kinnari[dot]g[at]


  • Life & Medical Insurance coverage
  • Education Sponsorships
  • Attractive loan policies
  • Free Domain and hosting for Life
  • Snacks and beverages on the house
  • Concierge Services


Fun Facts about Directi
  • 98% of Directians love Star Wars
  • 100 players in the Directi Cricket League
  • 48% of Directians wear sneakers to work
  • 52% percent wear sandals
  • 6.5 ping pong games per employee, per month.
Company Facts
  • Founded in 1998
  • 600 employees globally
  • 8 offices on 3 continents
  • Powers 4.2 million domains in 240 countries

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